Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

Melissa Koerner, Interim Dean
Richard Henage, MAcc Program Chair
Baptiste Prevot, MBA & Graduate Program Operations Director
Brittney Todd, Graduate Business Programs Advisor

The Master of Accountancy is designed to meet the needs of students interested in a professional career in accounting. Students completing this program will be well prepared to sit for the CPA exam and positioned to accept high-level leadership roles in either public accounting or corporate environments.

Program Goals

Upon completion of the Master of Accountancy, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a mastery of professional accounting standards and the ability to perform research within the core accounting areas:
    • 1a. Financial Accounting
    • 1b. Managerial/Cost Accounting
    • 1c. Tax
    • 1d. Audit
  • Analyze and evaluate ethical situations that might arise in a professional environment.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally in writing, orally and interpersonally.
  • Analyze complete financial problems, make reasonable assumptions, and develop and support appropriate solutions.

Program Requirements

The program requires 30 credits for those students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.   It is expected that these students will complete the program in one calendar year. Students with other academic preparation are also encouraged to apply, and complete additional credits of prerequisite course work. Admitted students will be officially informed which, if any, prerequisite classes are required at the time of admission. Admission to the program is possible during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The typical expected credit load per semester is 12 credits in Fall, 12 credits in Spring, and 6 credits in the Summer.

Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Prerequisite Courses
(For students without a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting)*
ACCT     350     Intermediate Accounting I (4) ACCT 213
ACCT     360     Intermediate Accounting II (4) ACCT 350
ACCT     374     Managerial & Cost Accounting (4)
ACCT     454     Auditing (4)—offered fall and summer ACCT 360
ACCT     467     Accounting Information Systems (4)—offered fall and spring ACCT 213, IRM 200
ACCT     474     Individual Income Taxes (4)—offered fall ACCT 213
II. Required Courses 26
MACC    601     Internal Reporting and Business Control (2) concurrent with MACC 602
MACC    602     Information Technology in the Business Environment (2) concurrent with MACC 601
MACC    603     Financial Reporting and Control I (2) concurrent with MACC 604 and 610
MACC    604     Financial Reporting and Control II (2) concurrent with MACC 603 and 610
MACC    610     Financial Reporting and Control III (2) concurrent with MACC 603 and 604
MACC    605     Accounting Ethics (2)
MACC    606     Business Regulation (2)
MACC    607     Taxation of Business Organizations (4)
MACC    608     Auditing and Attestation I (2) concurrent with MACC 609
MACC    609     Auditing and Attestation II (2) concurrent with MACC 608
MBA    635C     Executive Financial Decision Making (2) concurrent with MACC 601 and 602
MBA    658E     Communication and Interpersonal Skills (2)
III. Elective Courses 4
MAcc students must choose an additional four credit hours from the MBA course catalog.
Recommended MBA courses include the following;
MBATC    654     Financing New Ventures (2)
MBA      631E     Business Valuation (2)
MBA      632E     Mergers and Acquisitions (2)
MBA      634E     Business Plan Development (2) MBA 645C
MBA      637E     Negotiations and Persuasion (2)—offered spring
MBA      640C     Managing Processes (2)
MBA      645C     Value Creation and Delivery (2)
Total Hours for the MAcc 30

*Students entering with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from an AACSB or ACBSP accredited institution will not be required to take prerequisites. Students without a bachelors’ degree so specified will be notified which prerequisite classes will be required based upon a review of transcripts by the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business. For an initial assessment, please contact the MBA & Graduate Program Operations Director, or the Graduate Business Programs Advisor. Prerequisite courses are charged at the normal undergraduate rate.

Recommended Plan of Study for MAcc

Fall Block 1 Fall Block 2 Spring Block 1 Spring Block 2 Summer Semester
MACC 601
MACC 602
MBA 635C
MACC 603
MACC 604
MACC 610
MACC 605
MACC 606
MBA Elective
MACC 607
MBA 658E
MACC 608
MACC 609
MBA elective



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