2015-2016 Art Administration Courses

ARTAD 101 Power of Arts in Our Community (3)
Using Salt Lake City as a case study, students will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of how community cultural development is affected by: 1) history; 2) non-profit and for profit arts organizations; 3) independent artists; 4) local governmental arts policy; 3) patterns of philanthropy; and, 4) patterns of attendance.
ARTAD 310 Professional Writing (4)
Focuses on the writing of high-quality correspondence and a variety of reports used in business and other professional areas. Students learn about communication on the Internet and develop skills in collaborative writing. Prerequisite: ENGL 110.
ARTAD 440 Internship (3)
Students receive credit for meeting pre-arranged learning objectives while working for a company or non-profit organization. Internships give students the opportunity to compare their understanding of classroom material with current best practices in their field. Credit is based on the number of hours at the job site and the nature of the learning objectives. Monthly class sessions reinforce the student learning objectives, and allow interns to compare their experiences with other interns. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing (transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 Westminster credit hours or obtain permission of instructor); and approvals from the Gore School of Business Practice Experience Coordinator and the Career Center internship coordinator.
ARTAD 450 Leading an Arts Organization (3)
This course will focus on the administration of a non-profit arts organization using a case study approach. Students will understand 1) how a non-profit organization has evolved, 2) how it currently functions, and 3) how it is planning for its future.
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