Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Faculty: Dan Byrne, Greg Gagne, Helen Hu, Stephen Hurlbut

Program Goals

  • To understand the components of a contemporary computer system.
  • To provide a background in software development and project management.
  • To develop an understanding of a basic business environment.
  • To understand concepts and processes for achieving organizational goals with
    information technology.


Computer Information Systems is a study of the concepts, principles, and processes for two broad areas of activity within an organization: (1) acquisition, deployment, and management of information technology resources and services (the information systems function) and (2) development, operation, and evolution of infrastructure and systems for use in an organization.

Information Systems professionals must have sound technical knowledge of computers, communications, software, but they must also understand how organizations and how they function. Thus, the Computer Information Systems major provides a combination of technical computer science coursework as well as several business courses. Such coursework emphasizes information technology and implementation, organization functions, and concepts and processes of organizational management.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA in all courses required for the Computer Information Systems major.

Students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to the Computer Information Systems major:

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • Liberal education distribution

Academic Major

  Credit Hours Prerequisites
Liberal Education Courses
The following courses, which fulfill LE requirements, are required for the Computer Information Systems major or are prerequisite to required coursework within the major.
ECON 253 Elementary Macroeconomics, LE (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer
MATH 141 College Algebra, LE (4) MATH 105 or placement test
PHIL 206 Introduction to Ethics, LE (3)
Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Foreign Language Requirement 8
Computer Information Systems majors must complete eight credit hours in a single foreign language.
II. Lower Division Computer Science Courses 12
CMPT 201 Introduction to Computer Science (4)—offered every fall co-requisite: MATH 105
CMPT 202 Introduction to Data Structures (4)—offered every spring CMPT 201
CMPT 260 Computer System Fundamentals (4)
III. Upper Division Computer Science Courses 19
CMPT 307 Database Systems (4) CMPT 202
CMPT 322 Software Engineering (4) CMPT 202, CMPT 307
CMPT 375 E-Commerce (4) CMPT 307
CMPT 385 Senior Project Proposal Writing (1)—offered every fall see course description
CMPT 390 Senior Capstone Project (2)—offered every spring see course description
Student must complete 4 hours selected from:
CMPT 335 Computer Security (4) CMPT 251
CMPT 352 Computer Networks (4) CMPT 202
CMPT 440 Internship (4) junior/senior standing, see course description
IV. Required Courses from Other Programs 28
MATH 150 Elementary Statistics (4)—offered every semester MATH 105 or placement test
ACCT 213 Accounting Principles (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer
ECON 263 Elementary Microeconomics (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer ECON 253; MATH 141 (LE)
FINC 300 Business Finance (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer ACCT 213; ECON 253, 263; IRM 200; MATH 141 (LE), MATH 150 (LE)
IRM 200 Principles of Information Resource Management (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer co-requisite: MATH 150 (LE)
MGMT 305 Principles of Management (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer MATH 141 (LE)
MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer MATH 141 (LE)

Recommended Plan of Study for CIS

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Freshman Year MATH 141


Sophomore Year CMPT 201

CMPT 202

Junior Year CMPT 251
CMPT 307

CMPT 322*
CMPT 375*

Senior Year CMPT 385
CMPT Elective**
CMPT 322*
CMPT 375*
CMPT 390
CMPT Elective**

* Depending on which year the course is offered.
** Must complete one elective from CMPT 335, 352, or 440.

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