2015-2016 English for International Students Courses

ENGL 109 Academic Reading and Writing for International Students (3)
This course is designed to help advanced multilingual students to effectively orient themselves when reading complex academic texts, develop skills in organizing information from such readings, and write papers that build on the knowledge they acquired in their reading process. Additional emphases will be placed on vocabulary development and grammar and stylistics.
ENGL 135A Academic Orientation for International Students (3)
A course to prepare international students for study at an American college. The course supports students’ needs with intensive reading, information literacy, academic vocabulary, test taking strategies, and editing writing assignments. Prerequisites: None
ENGL 135B Information Literacy Intensive for International Students (3)
This course provides international students an introduction to Information Literacy skills including: locating information, evaluating information, managing information, and presenting information. Emphasis in the course will be on writing with sources, including summarizing and paraphrasing, citing sources correctly in APA and/or MLA, and critically reading sources.
ENGL 135C Academic Communication for International Students (3)
This course provides international student with an introduction to interaction in academic settings. Emphasis on communication typical in a liberal arts college classroom setting, including active listening, asking questions, and contributing ideas and opinions. Strategies include communication outside of the classroom with instructors such as emailing, using office hours, and communicating via an LMS (e.g., assignments and discussion boards). Prerequisites: None.
ENGL 145 English in the Disciplines for International Students (3)
This course is based on specific content such as business, science, or culture. The focus of the course is three-fold: it integrates academic content with academic language skills and learning strategies essential to college success. The course also exposes international students to vocabulary and genres specific to the different disciplines; therefore, it prepares students to succeed in the relevant mainstream courses.
ENGL 153 Advanced ESL Grammar & Vocabulary (3)
Advanced ESL grammar and vocabulary course with emphasis on editing, written grammar, and academic vocabulary. Students develop an understanding of the meaning, use, and form of up to 570 on the Academic Word List. This includes the grammatical features of these words and common lexical chunks such as collocations. Alongside vocabulary learning, students learn how to use a variety of grammatical structures effectively. Emphasis is on editing and written grammar.
ENGL 155 Writing in the Disciplines for International Students (3)
A writing course for international students with an emphasis on authentic college writing assignments. Course includes preparing for college writing in various disciplines with an emphasis on the students’ chosen fields of study. Students develop an in-depth knowledge of their degree program, including major courses, teacher expectations, classroom styles, and writing styles. See the English course descriptions for a description of ENGL 166, Communicating Across Cultures.
ENGL 166 Communicating Across Cultures, LE (3)
This course encourages students to examine cultural values and behaviors, both their own and those of others, as a means to develop intercultural communication skills. The course provides students the opportunity to do the following: explore their adjustment to living in a new culture; improve their cross-cultural communicative competence; learn about global cultures; understand how cultural attitudes and beliefs influence behaviors; and learn how cultural values are expressed through language.
ENGL 168 American Culture and Society for International Students (3)
Advanced multi-skill English language course with a focus on American culture, including American cultural values and beliefs. Course includes a survey of American history and current events which may be relevant across academic courses in college. Students develop English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through authentic materials, including podcasts, newspapers, films, and novels.
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