2015-2016 Gender Studies Courses

GNDR 100 Introduction to Gender Studies (4)
Establishes a conceptual foundation for the GNDR minor by providing students with a broad-based understanding and analysis of gender and gender studies. Addresses issues relating to race, sexual orientation, class, multiculturalism, and men’s and women’s studies. This course serves as a Diversity LE course. (This class is a strongly suggested prerequisite for all other Gender Studies courses.)
GNDR 300 Special Topics (2–4)
Presents a number of special topics allowing students to explore a wide range of issues relevant to gender studies. Suggested prerequisite: GNDR 100. See list below for sample courses.
GNDR 319 American Women’s History (3)
An overview of the economic, social, and political roles women have played in American history, from the colonial period to today. Investigates women’s work in the household and market economies, women and the family, and women’s legal and civil rights and liabilities across time. Offered alternate years. This course serves as a Diversity LE course.
GNDR 330 Gender, Power, and Identity (4)
Examines feminist theory, feminist criticism, or feminist approaches to philosophical inquiry.
GNDR 335 Psychology of Women (4)
An overview of major theories of women’s development, applications of feminist theory, gender-related research, and women’s health issues across the life span. Psychological issues important to women during childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age are discussed, such as gender role acquisition, pay inequities in the work force, adjustment to menopause and violence against women. Focus is given to research on women in relation to diverse socioeconomic classes, ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Prerequisite: PSYC 105 or SOC 105. This course serves as a Diversity LE course.
GNDR 339 Queer Theory (4)
Explores the field of queer theory, which has only been in existence since 1990. It is perhaps the most politicized of current cultural theories because of its implications for daily life: homophobia continues to be a very real problem in our society. Through readings of 19th and 20th century texts and films, we will trace changes in attitudes toward various forms of sexuality, focusing on how subjects constitute themselves as sexual beings. This course serves as a Diversity LE course.
GNDR 345 Sociology of Sexuality (4)
Students explore issues of maleness and femaleness. Emphasis is placed on identifying and evaluating value systems relating to sexuality. The impact of cultural definitions on individual behavior is also examined. Attention is directed toward societal ramifications of shifting roles with the intention of evaluating new alternatives open to men and women. A final emphasis is placed on understanding sexual functioning and different means of sexual expression.
GNDR 350 Gender in Society (4)
This course exposes students to the problematic concept of “gender”, including the many ways in which society’s organizations reinforce and shape gender relations, and the ways in which gender shapes our identity, relationships, and the division of labor in society. Using a feminist perspective and drawing on international authors, this course will focus on the concept of “gender” at the individual, interactional, and institutional levels.
GNDR 360 Race, Gender, Class, and the Media (3)
Focuses on analyzing the portrayals of race, gender, and class in the media. The class introduces students to theoretical concepts in contemporary media studies, surveys some of the most influential and interesting genres of contemporary media, and focuses on issues of gender and sexuality, class, and race from a critical perspective. This course serves as a Diversity LE course.
GNDR 400 Senior Project/Thesis (3)
Serves as the capstone course for the GNDR minor. Students undertake self-directed project or thesis that integrates concepts learned in gender studies courses with those learned in the student’s major area of study. Project completed with a supervisory committee of two (at least one must be a gender studies faculty member). Prerequisite: completion of 20 hours of Gender Studies courses including GNDR 100. Note: Students whose major requires a senior project or thesis will not be expected to complete a second project or thesis. One thesis or project can count for both a major requirement and a gender studies requirement if students (1) select topics relevant to both gender studies and their majors and (2) work with a faculty advisor who teaches gender studies courses.
GNDR 401 Directed Studies (1–4)
A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive study of topics not otherwise offered in the Gender Studies Program. Hours are arranged. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and school dean.
GNDR 440 Internship (1–4)
In order to emphasize the importance of experiential learning, this course offers students opportunities to integrate classroom knowledge with practical experience related to gender studies. Students must have junior or senior standing (for transfer students, at least 15 hours completed at Westminster or permission of instructor), minimum 2.5 GPA, and consent of Program Chair and Career Center internship coordinator.
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