2015-2016 Marketing Courses

MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing (4)
An introduction to the terminology of marketing and basic marketing concepts. Emphasizes product, price, distribution and promotional decisions with reference to the internal and external environments of the organization. Prerequisite: MATH 141 OR MATH 143. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
MKTG 303 Professional Selling (4)
An analysis of current models of professional selling procedures. Emphasizes the practical application of procedures to sell successfully. Role-playing is used extensively to apply the practical knowledge to selling situations. Prerequisite: MKTG 300. Offered Fall and Spring semester.
MKTG 338 Advertising (4)
Introduction to the terminology, institutions, and functions of advertising as an activity of marketing. Emphasizes managerial aspects of advertising. Prerequisite: MKTG 300. Offered Fall semester.
MKTG 340 International Marketing (4)
Explores marketing strategies unique to international business. Focuses on modifications of marketing strategies and tactics occasioned by environmental differences. Prerequisite: MKTG 300. Offered Fall and Spring semesters.
MKTG 401 Directed Studies (1–4)
A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the Marketing Program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and school dean. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
MKTG 212/412 Special Topics in Marketing (1–4)
Current topics of interest in marketing are explored. The title changes according to the contemporary marketing issue being examined.
MKTG 420 Consumer Behavior (4)
This course provides students with a managerial perspective of consumer behavior. Students examine how psychological, sociological and anthropological bases of behavior influence purchase and consumption of consumer goods and services. Prerequisite: MKTG 300. Offered Spring semester.
MKTG 435 Marketing Research and Planning (4)
Provides a detailed examination of marketing research including the design of a marketing research project. Includes the development of strategic recommendations, based on the results of the research process. Prerequisite: MKTG 300, MATH 150; junior or senior standing, or consent of instructor. Offered Spring semester.
MKTG 440 Internship (1–8)
Students receive credit for meeting pre-arranged learning objectives while working for a company or non-profit organization. Internships give students the opportunity to compare their understanding of classroom material with current best practices in their field. Credit is based on the number of hours at the job site and the nature of the learning objectives. Monthly class sessions reinforce the student learning objectives, and allow interns to compare their experiences with other interns. Prerequisites: MKTG 300; junior or senior standing (transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 Westminster credit hours or obtain permission of instructor); and approvals from the Gore School of Business Practice/Experience Coordinator and the Career Center internship coordinator. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
MKTG 441 Marketing Practicum (2 or 4)
This disciplinary practicum is a student team-based, company consultation project. The project addresses a real issue of concern to a client company (or non-profit organization), requires extensive research, and results in a formal oral presentation and written report to the company. Students work in teams of 3–6 under the supervision of a Gore School of Business faculty member. Prerequisites: MKTG 300; MATH 150; junior or senior standing. Offered Spring semester.
MKTG 442 Professional Portfolio (2)
The Professional Portfolio is designed for mid-career professionals. The class gives students the opportunity to assess their interests and skills, design a career plan, and create a portfolio, which documents what they have to offer to an organization in an appropriate field. Students must have at least five years of professional or managerial experience to enroll in this class. Prerequisites: MKTG 300; junior or senior standing; and approval of the Gore School of Business Experience/Practice Coordinator. The 442 series is offered primarily as a directed studies option. For further information and 442 approval, see the Practice Experience Coordinator.
MKTG 490 Senior Seminar in Marketing (2)
This is an integrative course in marketing planning and strategy. Marketing functions are examined through application and case analysis to successfully integrate all elements of the managerial process. The course presents concepts from a decision making perspective rather than from a descriptive point of view. This approach reflects the emphasis on the marketing decisions that students are most likely to confront in their careers. Additionally, since marketing managers are held accountable for profits as well as sales, budgetary considerations of marketing decisions are discussed. Prerequisites: MKTG 300; MKTG 338 or instructor’s permission. Offered Fall and Spring semesters.
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