2015-2016 Religious Studies Courses

REL 101/101D     Religions of the World, LE (3)
Survey of the origin, history, beliefs, and practices of the world’s major religions. Some sections offered as a Diversity section.
REL 300 Special Topics in Religious Studies (1–4)
Exploration of significant and relevant religious issues. Topics vary each semester. Recent topics include Theories of Religion and Women’s Power and Spirituality. May be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: specific courses offered may have a prerequisite. Please see course schedule listings.
REL 311 Philosophy of Religion (4)
Philosophical issues in religion, including the nature of God, religious belief, the problem of evil, the prospect of immortality, and religious experience and its interpretation. Prerequisite: PHIL 102. Same as PHIL 311.
REL 312 The Bible: Jewish and Christian Scriptural Traditions (4)
A general course including an exploration of the Bible as a source of literary, philosophic, and religious themes. The historical sources of the Bible together with the breadth of its influence on Western civilization are examined.
REL 401 Directed Studies (1–4)
A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the Religion Program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and school dean.
REL 440 Internship (1–8)
Offers students the opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge with practical experience. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing (for transfer students, at least 15 hours completed at Westminster or permission of instructor), minimum 2.5 GPA, and consent of program director and Career Center internship coordinator.
REL 490 Research Seminar in Religious Studies (4)
Required research seminar for Senior Religion minors, combining research on, and analysis of, a specific problem or topic in the critical study of Religion. The results of the student’s research and analysis will be presented in the form of a senior thesis. Same as PHIL 390, offered Fall semester only. Religion minors sign up for this required course in the Fall semester.
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