2015-2016 Speech Courses

SPCH 111 Public Presentations, LE (3)
A study of the rhetoric of oral public presentation, this course covers creation and presentation of informative and persuasive formats including audience analysis, research, use of visual support (including computerized programs), organization and outlining, oral composition, and delivery techniques. Presentations may be individual or group. Critical listening skills and speech analysis are included.
SPCH 200/300 Special Topics (1–4)
A changing topics course offering special areas of interest including Advanced Professional Communication, Persuasion, Advanced Public Speaking, and Storytelling. Offered on sufficient demand.
SPCH 205 Business and Professional Communication (2)
A study of the concepts and techniques of interviewing, public speaking, technical reporting, small group communication, and basic organizational communication as appropriate for business and professional persons. Prerequisite: SPCH 111 or equivalent experience.
SPCH 220 Oral Interpretation (2)
Methods and techniques of oral interpretation of poetry, prose, and dramatic literature. Through individual and group readings and storytelling, students develop the expressive use of the voice and an understanding of the emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic value of literature. Prerequisite: SPCH 111 or THTR 180. Offered alternate years.
SPCH 320 Principles of Argumentation (3)
Basic principles of argumentation and their application to communication and, in particular, to debate. Consideration of analysis of issues, evidence and reasoning, refutation, ethics, strategy, and delivery. Prerequisite: SPCH 111 or SPCH 205. Offered alternate years.
SPCH 401 Directed Studies in Speech (1–4)
A tutorial-based course used only for student-initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the Speech Program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and school dean.
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