Geology Program Requirements

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  • David Goldsmith (Chair)
  • Tiffany Rivera
  • Nick Pollock

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Program Goals

  • Critical Thinking
    • Ability to synthesize multiple lines of evidence and multiple sources of data to support geologic hypotheses
    • Ability to use an Earth Systems perspective to integrate an understanding of geologic processes across disciplines
  • Creativity
    • Ability to evaluate data necessary to answer a particular question
    • Ability to think and extrapolate across a broad range of temporal and dimensional scales
  • Collaboration
    • Ability to work collaboratively to break a complex problem into simpler, individually achievable tasks
    • Ability to work together constructively in challenging field environments
  • Communication
    • Ability to explain geologic information at a level appropriate to the audience
    • Ability to read and understand the geologic literature and to create original research reports
    • Ability to communicate scientific information through the verbal and written presentation of data, graphics, and maps.
  • Global Responsibility
    • Ability to assess the effects of human activity on the natural environment
    • Ability to bring a geologic perspective to discussions of social issues


The Geology program offers a Bachelor of Science degree for students interested in understanding the earth. The degree incorporates a diversity of both perspectives and methods.  Classes incorporate lecture, lab, and fieldwork to study our planet’s physical, chemical, and biological history.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA in all courses required for the major.

Students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to the Geology major:

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • WCore or Honors College requirements

For course prerequisites, please refer to the course descriptions.

Geology Major


Recommended Plan of Study for Geology

Geology Minor

Requirement Description Credit Hours Prerequisites

I. Required Geology Courses

GEOL 201

Earth Materials I: Mineralogy


GEOL 107 or 111

Co-requisite: GEOL 201L

GEOL 210

Historical Geology


GEOL 107 or GEOL 111

GEOL 260



GEOL 107 or 111

Choose one of the following courses:  


GEOL 107

Geology of the American West 




GEOL 111

National Parks Geology



II. Electives 10  
Students wishing to complete a minor must take an additional ten credits in Geology, at least four of which are at the 300 level.    
Total Hours for the Geology Minor 24