Business Minor

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Students in non-business majors (including B.A. Economics) can elect to complete a business minor in order to develop business acumen. Students interested in adding a minor in business to their academic programs are encouraged to contact a faculty advisor in business to discuss how the minor can assist them in achieving their career goals.

The minor in business is designed to:

  • Give students a cross-functional understanding of the business environment.
  • Develop understanding of the basic economic, finance, marketing, and management issues facing the firm.


Program Requirements

To fulfill requirements for minor in business, students must complete the courses listed below. Students must maintain a 2.3 GPA in courses required for the business minor.

Business Minor

I. Required Courses    
ACCT 213 Financial Accounting BUSI 102 or BUSI 101A and 101B  3
BUSI 101A Business Fundamentals I: Communicating    3
BUSI 101B Business Fundamentals I: Calculating MATH 101 or above  3
BUSI 101C Business Fundamentals I:  Company Lab   0
BUSI 200 Applied Business Math and Modeling BUSI 102 or BUSI 101A and 101B  3
ECON 253 Elementary Macroeconomics MATH 101 or above  3
ECON 263 Elementary Microeconomics MATH 101 or above  3
FINC 300 Business Finance BUSI 200 and ACCT 213  3
MGMT 305 Principles of Management BUSI 102 or BUSI 101A and 101B  4
MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing BUSI 102 or BUSI 101A and 101B  3

Note: All students must complete 124 hours of coursework to graduate, 30 hours of which must be upper division (300 level or above). Students may need to take other courses to complete the college hours requirement.  Please refer to the Undergraduate Degree Requirements section of this catalog for information about restrictions when completing a major and a minor or two majors.