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Organizational Culture and Leadership


Faculty: Susan Arsht, Michael Pacanowsky, Vicki Whiting

Organizational Culture and Leadership Courses

Organizational Culture and Leadership Goals

  • To be able to identify and analyze the impacts of organizational challenges of external adaptation and internal integration
  • To be able to identify key cultural elements of any organization, and articulate how those elements inhibit or enable organizational success
  • To be able to distinguish the appropriateness of different organizational cultural practice, given different strategic intents of different organization
  • To be able to function effectively in a variety of team-based work environments
  • To be able to positively influence organizational direction and achievement, regardless of formal position or authority
  • To be able to view one's own organizational actions and choices through the lens of the moral context of organizational life


Program Requirements

  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA in all courses required for the minor.
  • Students must complete 16 hours of required coursework, and at least 8 hours of elective coursework.
  • For course prerequisites, please refer to the course description. Where appropriate, seek permission of the course instructor for a waiver of prerequisites.


Organizational Culture and Leadership Minor

Requirement Description Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Required Courses 16  
MGMT 205 - Leadership 2  
MGMT 2XX - Teams 2  
MGMT 3XX - Writing and Speaking Effectively in Organizations 4  
MGMT 433 - Organizational Behavior 4  
MGMT 4XX - Organizational Culture and Change 4  
II. Elective Courses 8  
Complete eight (8) credit hours of elective coursework