Doctorate of Nursing Practice Courses


Doctorate of Nursing Practice

DNP 710 Epidemiology/Population Health (3)
Epidemiological concepts as they relate to health and healthcare are introduced in this course. The advance practice nurse will develop an understanding of population health, screening, prevention and disease control.
DNP 715 Health Care Policy and Economics in Clinical Practice (3)
This course will explore health care policies and laws that control the structure of healthcare in the United States. Advanced practice nurses will explore current and emerging issues and principles of business finance related to health care practices. National, state, and local levels will be addressed.
DNP 720 Evidence Based Nursing Practice: Theory, Design, and Methods (3)
This course explores the theoretical foundations of practice, implementation of research and evidence-based approaches to practice. Learning focuses on the integration of scientific evidence into practice to promote safe, cost-effective healthcare with improved outcomes.
DNP 725 Leadership and Role Development in Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
This course will explore the development of the advanced practice role as it relates to our complex healthcare system. Regulation of practice and professional responsibilities are included. Professional development and leadership models are addressed. Leadership related concepts such as professional integrity, credibility, and interprofessional collaboration will also be emphasized.
DNP 730 Advanced Statistics for Clinical Practice (Biostatistics) (3)
This course provides an understanding of qualitative and quantitative statistics including some mathematical skills relevant to understanding the application of statistics in health care. Advanced practice nurses will develop skills to read and interpret medical literature.
DNP 740 Advanced Theory and Ethical Issues in Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
This course focuses on theory directed design and implementation of evidence to transform healthcare systems. Advanced practice nurses will explore ethical dilemmas in healthcare delivery based on evidence.  Ethics related to decision making at an individual, organizational, and systems level will be investigated.
DNP 745 Informatics in Health Care Systems (3)
This course explores major existing and emerging technologies and their potential impact on healthcare systems. Use of technology in healthcare will be emphasized and will include systems that support patient-centered, effective, timely, safe, and equitable care.
DNP 750 Quality and Safety Across Healthcare Settings (3)
This course analyzes the economic, social and political issues that affect quality healthcare in today’s environment. The advance practice will gain tools to influence quality improvement in today’s healthcare systems.
DNP 760 Scholarly Project Development (2)
This course is the first of a 3-course series designed to assist in identifying and gathering data for the scholarly project. Project management and development of outcomes and a plan are emphasized in this course. (120 doctoral clinical hours)
DNP 765 Scholarly Project II (3)
This course is the second in a 3-course series designed to promote the development of the doctorate scholarly project. A culmination of previous clinical experiences and previous courses will guide the development of the project. (180 doctoral clinical hours)
DNP 770 Scholarly Project III (3)
This is the third of a 3-course series designed for the culmination of the DNP scholarly project. Completion of this course is the successful completion of the scholarly project. (180 doctorate level clinical hours)
DNP 799 DNP Project Continuing Registration (0)
This course is for the ongoing work on the clinical research component of the DNP Program. There is a registration fee of $250 per semester.
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