Marketing Courses

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MKTG - Marketing Courses

MKTG-300: Principles of Marketing (Credits: 3)

An introduction to the terminology, concepts and activities that comprise marketing. Emphasizes product, price, distribution and promotional decisions marketing managers make that are crucial to the success of an organization.

MKTG-303: Professional Selling (Credits: 4)

An analysis of current models of professional selling procedures. Emphasizes the practical application of procedures to sell successfully. Role-playing is used extensively to apply the practical knowledge to selling situations.

MKTG-305: Entrepreneurial Marketing (Credits: 2)

Entrepreneurs face two major constraints as they seek to market their new businesses. Both time and money are scarce. Fortunately, recent advances in social media marketing have brought a number of tools to the aid of startups. However, competition for customers' attention is fierce. This course will introduce you to the tools and best practices needed to market your startup in today's crowded and rapidly changing marketplace.

MKTG-401: Directed Studies (Credits: 1 to 4)

A tutorial-based course used only for student- initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the Marketing Program. Requires consent of instructor and school dean. This course is repeatable for credit.

MKTG-412: Special Topics in Marketing (Credits: 1 to 4)

Current topics of interest in marketing are explored. The title changes according to the contemporary marketing issue being examined.

MKTG-412C: What Great Brands Do (Credits: 2)

This course will examine what successful companies do that distinguishes their brands. Strategic brand building is critical today as competition intensifies and consumers are savvier than ever. Company reality and brand image must be aligned. The focus of this course examines how to build an integrative brand strategy using eight principles.

MKTG-412D: Digital Marketing (Credits: 4)

This is an introductory, hands-on, survey course in digital marketing. The course addresses web design, web analytics, search engine optimization, paid search, online advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing.

MKTG-412E: Marketing Mistakes (Credits: 2)

This course will examine classic and current marketing mistakes to discover what can be learned and applied/transferred to other situations and companies. This course will demonstrate that learning from marketing mistakes can be utilized for better decision making and strategies for organizations. A variety of firms, industries, and mistakes will be explored.

MKTG-412F: Week on Wall Street and Madison Ave (Credits: 4)

This course provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the financing and marketing of non-profit and for profit Global organizations. Students will learn first-hand the relevant global financing and marketing issues facing the organizations they visit. The will gain new perspectives as they immerse themselves in the fast-paced, worldwide nexus of finance and advertising - New York City. Students will live the "New York experience" through a variety of cultural events, tours of historic/famous sites, and participating in various other activities. The course will require a course fee for travel expenses.

MKTG-412I: Iconic Brands (Credits: 2)

This course is will examine what defines an iconic brand, what can be learned from iconic brands and implications from iconic status. The focus of this course examines iconic brands in a variety of industries from automotive to fashion to sports and technology. Analysis of the brands will help reveal the implications of iconic status with regard to market share leadership, profitability and other success indicators.

MKTG-412Q: Sports Marketing (Credits: 2)

This course is an introduction of sport marketing principles and their application to professional sports. Students will learn about the influence of sports on social, cultural and business.

MKTG-420: Consumer Behavior (Credits: 4)

This course provides students with a managerial perspective of consumer behavior. Students examine how psychological, sociological and anthropological bases of behavior influence purchase and consumption of consumer goods and services.

MKTG-428: Advertising (Credits: 4)

This course is an introduction to the terminology, institutions and functions of advertising as a tool for marketing communication. Emphasizes the managerial aspects of advertising.

MKTG-435: Marketing Research and Planning (Credits: 4)

Provides a detailed examination of marketing research including the design of a marketing research project. Includes the development of a marketing plan based on the results of the research process.

MKTG-490: Senior Seminar in Marketing (Credits: 4)

This is an integrative course in marketing planning and strategy that delineates the relationship among marketing decisions. Marketing functions are examined through application, focusing on case analysis to successfully integrate all elements of the managerial process. The course presents concepts from a decision making perspective rather than from a descriptive point of view. This approach reflects our emphasis on the marketing decisions that students are most likely to confront in their careers. Additionally, because marketing managers are held accountable for profits as well as sales, budgetary considerations of marketing decisions are discussed. (WCore: SC)