Spanish Courses

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SPAN - Spanish Courses

SPAN-110: Spanish I (Credits: 4)

A novice introduction to the written and spoken structures of the language. Cultural appreciation also emphasized.

SPAN-111: Spanish II (Credits: 4)

Continued development of second semester listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as cultural appreciation.

SPAN-220: Spanish III (Credits: 4)

A third semester conversation/composition course with emphasis on grammar.

SPAN-221: Spanish IV (Credits: 4)

An intermediate second-year conversation/composition course with readings in Spanish culture, history, and literature.

SPAN-300: Special Topics in Spanish (Credits: 1 to 4)

A changing topics course that provides a variety of special insights into the Spanish language and culture. Includes both on campus and May term courses.

SPAN-301: The Spanish Speaking World (Credits: 4)

Development of speaking proficiency with professional application, such as medical, legal, and business Spanish. The study of cultural values is an integral component. May emphasize oral proficiency, idiomatic mastery, expository writing, and/or advanced grammar review. Course materials are derived from Spanish literature and contemporary cultural issues. (WCore: EWRLD)

SPAN-320: Survey of Peninsular Spanish Culture Lit,Literature (Credits: 4)

General survey of culture and civilization of the Iberian peninsula from its earliest inhabitants (intersection of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures) to the present (21st century). Covers major historic trends, varied genres, cultural and literary events, and society in a globalization sense.

SPAN-321: Spanish Lit Cultural Studies Peninsular (Credits: 4)

Presents a range of special topics exploring issues relevant to Spanish literature and culture.

SPAN-321F: Mountains Narratives and Conflict II (Credits: 4)

The narrative of mountains and conflicts II (Guerrillas in Spain: the MAQUIS and ETA) corresponds to literary, social, political, geographical and historical implications that texts fictionalize and whose main character is Nature (mountains).

SPAN-321G: Hispanic America Populist Narrative (Credits: 4)

Populism is studied here as a discursive style based on the confrontation between the people and power. For Latin American and Spain, this discursive is a literary genre called 'narrative of caudillismo' which examines the relationships between power, dictatorship, and writing. In this course the narrative genre of "caudillismo" and "neo caudillismo" will be studied [XX and XXI century]

SPAN-330: Survey Latin American Culture & Literat,and Literature (Credits: 4)

Covers major historic trends in Latin American literature from Pre-Colombian to the present. Selections range from Mexican masterpieces to those of the Southern Cone.

SPAN-331: Latin American Lit & Cultural Studies (Credits: 4)

Presents a range of issues relevant to Latin American literature and culture.

SPAN-331B: Literature of the Southern Cone,Studies (Credits: 4)

SPAN-331C: Latin American Literature (Credits: 4)

Modernism and Post-Modernism.

SPAN-331G: Mountains Narrative & Conflicts I (Credits: 4)

The narrative of Mountains and Conflicts I (Mexican and Colombian Guerrillas: EZLN and Las FARC) corresponds to literary, social, geographical, political, and historical implications that texts fictionalize and whose main character is Nature (Mountains)

SPAN-387: Undergraduate Teaching (Credits: 1 to 2)

Advanced students may work as teaching assistants to an instructor of SPAN 110 or 111. A maximum of two credit hours of SPAN 387 may be applied to the major or minor.

SPAN-401: Directed Studies (Credits: 1 to 4)

An in depth, independent course for student-initiated proposals on topics not normally offered in the Spanish program. Requires upper-division status, consent of instructor, (mentor) and school dean. This course is repeatable for credit.

SPAN-440: Internship (Credits: 1 to 8)

An opportunity for students to integrate classroom knowledge with professional experience in the public or private sector. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing (for transfer students, at least 15 hours completed at Westminster or permission of instructor), minimum 2.5 GPA, and consent of program director and Career Center internship coordinator. This course is repeatable for credit. REGISTRATION NOTE: Registration for internships is initiated through the Career Center website and is finalized upon completion of required paperwork and approvals. More info: 801-832-2590 <a></a>

SPAN-470: Senior Thesis (Credits: 2)

A capstone opportunity to produce a well-researched, fully documented, comprehensive thesis on a literary or cultural topic under the support and guidance of a Spanish faculty member. (WCore: SC)