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School of Arts and Sciences Programs and Faculty

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Lance Newman, Dean  
Ashley Seitz Kramer, Assistant Dean

Westminster’s School of Arts and Sciences empowers you to explore different ways of understanding and changing the world around you through programs in which you’ll take charge of your education and define your career goals and how to meet them. Through experiential learning, community engagement, hands-on research, internships, and other educational opportunities, you will be prepared to be a life-long learner. Your program curriculum will challenge you to become a critical thinker, a better communicator, and an engaged citizen that draws from multiple fields—STEM disciplines, the humanities, the fine and performing arts—to make informed decisions and address complex problems.

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Arts and Sciences offers academic programs in the fine and performing arts, the social and behavioral sciences, the physical and natural sciences, and mathematics and computer science. Students may also pursue interdisciplinary programs, such as environmental studies, gender studies, and justice studies.

See individual programs in Arts and Sciences to determine whether a B.A., B.S., or B.F.A. degree is conferred.


  • Ranjan Adiga, Associate Professor (English)
  • Jonathan Amburgey, Associate Professor (Psychology) 
  • Deyanira Ariza-Velasco, Associate Professor (Spanish) 
  • Kelly Asao, Assistant Professor (Psychology) 
  • David Baddley, Professor (Art)
  • Spencer Bagley, Associate Professor (Math)
  • Matt Baker, Associate Professor (Communications)
  • Kara Barnette, Associate Professor (Philosophy) 
  • Bonnie Baxter , Professor (Biology)
  • Ellen Behrens, Associate Professor (Mental Health Counseling)
  • Frank Black, Associate Professor (Chemistry)
  • Bradford (Bill) Bynum, Associate Professor (Mathematics)
  • Eileen Chanza Torres, Associate Professor (English)
  • Christine Clay, Professor (Environmental Biology)
  • Christopher Cline, Associate Professor (Physics)
  • Erin Coleman Serrano, Associate Professor (Communication)
  • Russell Costa, Associate Professor (Honors/Neuroscience)
  • Jocelyn Cuthbert, Assistant Professor (Biology)
  • Jonas D’Andrea, Professor (Mathematics)
  • Christopher Davids, Associate Professor (Psychology)
  • Alan Davison, Professor (Spanish)
  • Brandon Derfler, Associate Professor (Music)
  • William Deutschman, Professor (Chemistry)
  • Georgiana Donavin, Professor (English)
  • Lesa Ellis, Professor (Neuroscience)
  • Connie Etter, Assistant Professor (Honors/Justice Studies)
  • Gregory Gagne, Associate Professor (Computer Science)
  • David Goldsmith, Professor (Geology)
  • Stephen Haslam, Assistant Professor (French)
  • James Hedges, Associate Professor (Speech/Communication)
  • Helen Hu, Professor (Computer Science)
  • Robyn Hyde, Professor (Chemistry)
  • Kenan Ince, Associate Professor (Mathematics)
  • Jessica Johnston, Associate Professor (Chemistry)
  • Julia Kamenetzky, Associate Professor (Physics)
  • Clayton Keyes, Associate Professor (Art)
  • David Kimberly, Associate Professor (Biology)
  • Ashley Seitz Kramer, Assistant Dean
  • Matthew Kruback, Professor (Art)
  • Jared Larkin, Associate Professor (Theatre)
  • Christopher LeCluyse, Professor (English)
  • Kathryn Lenth, Associate Professor (Computer Science)
  • Jingsai Liang, Assistant Professor (Computer Science)
  • Julian Mendez, Associate Professor (Psychology)
  • Nicholas More, Professor (Philosophy)
  • Curtis Newbold, Associate Professor (Communication)
  • Lance Newman, Dean and Professor (English)
  • Jeffrey Nichols, Professor (History)
  • Kristjane Nordmeyer, Professor (Sociology)
  • Brent Olson, Associate Professor (Environmental Studies)
  • Giancarlo Panagia, Professor (Justice Studies)
  • David Parrott, Assistant Professor (Biology)
  • Nicholas Pollock, Assistant Professor (Honors/Geology)
  • Michael Popich, Professor (Philosophy)
  • Spencer Potter, Associate Professor (Theatre)
  • Paul Presson, Associate Professor (Psychology)
  • Xiumei Pu, Associate Professor (Environmental Studies)
  • Christopher Puckett, Assistant Professor (Music)
  • Sean Raleigh, Professor (Mathematics)
  • Tiffany Rivera, Associate Professor (Geology)
  • Joan Roque Peña, Assistant Professor (Chemistry)
  • Mark Rubinfeld, Professor (Sociology)
  • Natasha Sajé, Professor (English)
  • Christine Seifert, Professor (Communication)
  • Bianca Thompson, Assistant Professor
  • Krista Todd, Associate Professor (Neuroscience)
  • Janine Wanlass, Professor (Mental Health Counseling)
  • Janine Wittwer, Professor (Mathematics)
  • Kimberly Zarkin, Professor (Communication)
  • Michael Zarkin, Professor (Political Science)