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Westminster’s Advanced Construction Management Training certificate program (APMC) consists of a two-stage, project-based approach where students learn and master skills though real-world business applications while receiving mentoring from Westminster instructors who are certified project and construction management experts. Students are mentored toward mastery of concept and execution by expert faculty-coaches while engaging in projects related to their real work environment. The program curriculum is tied to the industry recognized certificates students need to perform at a highly proficient level. two stages. During the first stage, NACP certified instructors will deliver a three-day (24 hours) workshop to prepare students to pass the Basic Construction Management Professional (BCMP) exam; successful students will receive the BCMP credential. During the second stage, students participate in a 3-day (24 hours) Construction Management Simulation course, followed by an Advanced Construction Management Assessment (90 hours). Students who successfully complete the second stage will receive the Advanced Construction Management Professional (ACMP) credential from the NACP; they will also be awarded an Advanced Construction Management Certificate from Westminster College. The program consists of the following areas of focus:

ACMC Program Stage 1:

  • BCMP Exam Preparation Course—this three-day workshop provides an overview of basic construction management principles and prepares students to pass the BCMP Exam.
  • BCMP Exam—this exam is a comprehensive assessment of a participant’s understanding of basic construction management principles.
  • BCMP Credential—this credential is awarded by the NACP to students who successfully complete Stage 1 of the ACMC program. The required pass rate for the exam is 70%.

ACMC Program Stage 2:

  • Construction Management Simulation Course—this three-day (24 hours) workshop allows students to apply construction management principles to a simulated project. Students receive rigorous, repeated practice of advanced construction management principles.
  • ACMP Assessment—this advanced assessment, totally 90 hours, is composed of a self-assessment, a scenario-based assessment, and a supervisor’s assessment. A participant’s performance in each area is fed into an algorithm that provides a score for the participant in twelve construction management areas. The algorithm also provides a comprehensive score for the participant.
  • ACMP Credential—this credential is awarded by the NACP to students who successfully complete Stage 2 of the ACMC program. The required pass rate for this assessment is a comprehensive score above 3.3, with all area scores above 3.0.
  • ACMC Program Certificate—this certificate is awarded by Westminster College to students who successfully complete both stages of the ACMC program.

Courses are awarded as Continuing Education Units or CEUs. CEUs are generally not transferable to other institutions. CEUs to be awarded: 13.8.

Successful completion of certificate program makes students eligible to receive their Basic Construction Management certificate (proctored, nationally normed, criterion-referenced certification exam will be given as part of the course).

Advanced Construction Management Certificate

Course Title
PACE 43: Advanced Construction Management Certificate 13.8