Arts Education

Faculty: Rebecca Penerosa

Arts Education Courses

Program Goals

In this program, participants will learn and practice elementary arts integration methodologies and assessment strategies for all major art forms including music, dance, drama, visual arts, literary arts, and media arts. Teaching in an integrative fashion, using the arts to enhance learning across the curriculum, will be emphasized.


The Arts Education (AED) Continuing Education Program offers continuing education units that meet the requirements for select categories under the Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement offered in conjunction with the Utah State Board of Education. These CEU offerings will address effective practice and research-based strategies to inform leadership and foster partnerships to support arts education. The progressive pedagogical approach of arts integration will be the key focus, including: access, equity, inclusion, and diversified instructional strategies. In addition, these courses will involve the community through teacher outreach and provide a means for increased awareness in critical consciousness and action as participants strive to earn and share their endorsement for arts integrated instruction. The first half of the mission of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program is to “increase the quality and quantity of arts education for elementary students”. By sharing carefully crafted arts integration strategies and curriculum with teachers across the globe, our local specialists, teachers, and pre-service educators will gain further insight into best practices as well as increase the quality and quantity of arts education access both in their own community schools and abroad.

Courses Offered

Non-credit courses are recorded as Continuing Education Units or CEUs. One CEU represents 10 contact hours of instruction and learning activities. CEUs are generally not transferable to other institutions. Participants will need to attend all classes to earn full credit for endorsement. 

Curriculum Summary
Context, Integration, Assessment
AED 01 Arts Integration Methods 3
Art Form Basic Knowledge and Skills
AED 02 Piano/Orff/Classroom Music (course may be repeated) 3
Arts Participation in Educator Events
AED 03 ArtsConnect International Rwanda 4