Arts Administration

Kim Zarkin, Department Chair

Faculty: Helen Hodgson, David Baddley, Nina Vought, Karlyn Bond, Sean Desilets

Program Goals

  • Students will develop the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions to pursue careers in the for-profit or nonprofit arts world.
  • Students will develop familiarity with the visions, missions, values, and typical organizational structures of arts organizations.
  • Students will develop a solid understanding of the funding mechanisms that support nonprofit arts organizations.
  • Students will enhance their abilities to communicate orally and in writing, and demonstrate fluency in utilizing digital media.
  • Students will demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the power of the arts to create community.


The Arts Administration Program offers a major in Arts Administration leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The curriculum is designed to prepare a student for a productive career as a leader of an arts organization.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA in courses required for the major. Prerequisite courses must be satisfied with a grade of C- or better.

Students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to completing course work for the Arts Administration major:

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • WCore requirements

Arts Administration Major

Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. World Language Requirement 8
Arts Administration majors must complete eight credit hours in a single world language.
II. Lower Division Art Courses 19
ACCT 213 Accounting Principles (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer
COMM 210  Media Writing I (4)—offered fall
MATH 141 College Algebra (4)—offered every semester MATH 105 or placement test
WCFAH 113 Power of Arts in Our Community (3)—offered fall
Choose one of the following courses:
  • ECON 105 Introduction to Economics as a Social Science (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer
  • ECON 253 Elementary Macroeconomics, (4)—offered fall, spring, and summer
III. Upper Division Courses 22-25
ARTAD 310 Professional Writing (4) ENGL 110
ARTAD 440 Internship (1-4) Junior/Senior standing, see course description
ARTAD 450 Leading an Arts Organization (3)—offered spring
COMM  326  Intro to Web Writing and Design (4)
COMM  336  Public Relations (3)
BUSI    325  Business Law and Ethics (3) BUSI 101A and BUSI 101B
Choose one of the following courses:
  • ACCT 374 Managerial and Cost Accounting (4)—offered fall and spring
  • COMM 338 Principles of Advertising (4)—offered spring
  • COMM 350 Organizational Communication (4)—offered fall and spring
ACCT 213
IV. Fields of Concentration 18-20
At least 8 hours of a concentration must be taken in residence at Westminster. Students choose from among the following fields of
A) Theatre:  18
THTR 127 Stagecraft (2)
THTR 129 Costumes and Make-up (2)
THTR 180 Acting I (2) ENGL 220
THTR 220 Stage Management (3) ENGL 220
THTR 358 History of Theatre and Dramatic Literature I (3) THTR 127, 129, 180, and 228, or consent of instructor
THTR 359 History of Theatre and Dramatic Literature II (3)
THTR 470 Directing (3)
B) Music: 18-20
Key board Harmony* (0–2)
MUSC 171 Music Theory I (3)
MUSC 271 Music Theory II (3)
MUSC 181 Aural Skills I (2)
MUSC 281 Aural Skills II (2)
Choose two of the following three courses:  
MUSC 351 History of Western Art Music I (3) MUSC 152, 162; ENGL 110
MUSC 352 History of Western Art Music II (3) MUSC 152, 162; ENGL 110
MUSC 353 History of Western Classical Music III (3)
Performing Ensemble—complete one of the following nine pairs:
MUSC 115/315 Griffin Chorus (1) audition required
MUSC 125/325 Westminster Jazz Ensemble (1) audition required
MUSC 135/335 Westminster Chamber Orchestra (1) audition required
MUSC 145/345 Westminster Chamber Singers (1) audition required
MUSC 155/355 Westminster Flute Choir (1) audition required
MUSC 165/365 Westminster Opera Studio (1)
MUSC 175/375 Percussion Ensemble (1) audition required
MUSC 185/385 Chamber Music (1) audition required
MUSC 195/395 A Capella Choir (1) audition required
* Student must pass piano proficiency exam or take MUSC 108, Keyboard Skills.
Students may choose to complete a minor in Music by completing 10 additional credits. (These 10 credits include 2 performing ensemble credits in addition to the 2 performing ensemble credits required for the ARTAD music concentration.)
C) Art: 18
ART 310 Art History: Emergence to the Renaissance (4) ART 110; ENG 110
ART 311 Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art (4) ART 110; ENG 110
Additional credits in ART studio coursework (10)
Students may choose to complete a minor in Art by completing additional degree requirements.
D) Film: 18
WCFAH 109 Making Sense of Movies (4)
Choose one of the following three courses:
WCFAH 107 Film Genres (4) WCFAH 109
WCFAH 201 (Un)American Cinema (4) WCFAH 109
WCFAH 214 Transnational Cinema (4) WCFAH 109
Choose one of the following two courses:
FILM 310 Humans, Monsters, and Things In-Between (4)
FILM 320 Seeing Time: Understanding the Moving Image (4)
Additional credits in FILM course work (6)
Students may choose to complete a minor in Film by completing additional degree requirements.
E) Contractual Field of Concentration: 18
Students may choose to pursue an individualized field of concentration consisting of 18 credit hours. A contractual field of study must relate to a career or educational objective. The program director must approve each student’s plan for a contractual field of concentration. Coursework must follow the pattern of Art, Theatre, Music or Film Field of Concentration emphases. This approval is needed two semesters before graduation.

Recommended Plan of Study for Arts Administration

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Freshman Year WCFAH 113 (3)
ECON 253 (4)
MATH 141 (4)
Arts Concentration Course (2)
WCore/Electives (3)
ACCT 213 (4)
Arts Concentration Courses (2)
WCore/Electives (10)
Sophomore Year

World Language (4)
COMM 201 (4)
Arts Concentration Course (4)
WCore/Electives (4)

World Language (4)
Arts Concentration Course (4)
WCore/Electives (8)

Junior Year

ARTAD 310 (4)
Upper Division Elective (4)
Arts Concentration (4)
WCore/Electives (4)

COMM 326 (4)
ARTAD 440 (1-4)
WCore/Electives (8-11)

Senior Year

MGMT 325 (4)
ARTAD 450 (3)
Arts Concentration Course (4)
WCore/Electives (5)

COMM 336 (3)
ACCT 374 (4)
Arts Concentration Course (2-4)
WCore/Electives (5-7)

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