Creative Arts Education Minor


This minor, offered in cooperation with the School of Arts and Sciences, will help prospective teachers develop the knowledge, confidence, and capacity to incorporate the arts in their curricula. Students pursuing this minor will also learn how to help other teachers integrate the arts into their teaching.

Admission to the Program

Undergraduate Education students wanting to complete the minor for their Education degree must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (as outlined in the Education/Teacher Education Programs sections of the catalog) prior to enrolling in an Creative Arts Education courses.

Program Requirements

All students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA in Education courses  and have a minimum grade of C in all courses listed below. Courses for an Education minor may only be repeated once.

Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Experiential Courses* 15-16
Take 3-4 credits from each of the disciplines listed.
WCFAH 106 Drawing, Inquiry, and Expression (4)
WCFAH 111 Paint, Perception, and Alchemy (4)
WCFAH 121 Ceramics (4)
WCFAH 119 Photography (4)
THTR 230 Beginning Dance and Movement (2)
THTR 330 Intermediate Dance and Movement (2)
MUSC 115 Westminster Chorale (1) placement audition required
MUSC 121 Piano Class (2)
MUSC 122 Guitar Class (2)
MUSC 125 Westminster Jazz Ensemble (1) audition required
MUSC 135 Westminster Chamber Orchestra (1) audition required
MUSC 145 Westminster Chamber Singers (1) audition required
Private lessons on any instrument audition required
THTR 127 Stagecraft I (2)
THTR 129 Costumes and Makeup (2)
THTR 180 Acting I (2)
*With the approval of the discipline department chair and the Education program director, more advanced courses may be substituted for any of these introductory courses.
II. Area of Concentration 6–8
Two additional upper division courses in one of the arts disciplines (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre), chosen in consultation with your advisor. One course may be an historical overview or survey of that discipline.
III. Methods Course 3
EDUC 465 Advanced Methods in Teaching Creative Arts (3) EDUC 344 or 365
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