Outdoor Education & Leadership Minor

Program Goals

With a minor in Outdoor Education & Leadership students will develop effective leadership, communication, management, self-awareness, and technical outdoor skills that will complement their major degree and can transfer to many fields of study and career paths. Students will identify and critically examine contemporary professional issues in outdoor education, leadership, and recreation in both a classroom and field setting. Students will also gain an understanding of the historical, philosophical, and theoretical foundations of outdoor recreation, education, and leadership.


  • Develop effective leadership techniques including judgment, decision-making, communication, expedition behavior, and methods to foster positive group dynamics.
  • Interpret, advocate for, and articulate the concerns of the outdoor education and recreation field including current environmental, social, and educational issues.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply research in practice through the application of experiential and outdoor education strategies.
  • Create an e-portfolio as a tool for documentation, reflection, and pre/post assessment of leadership and outdoor skills developed over the course of the minor.
  • Develop teaching and presentation skills/techniques.
  • Continue to develop personal outdoor leadership and technical skills.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum 2.3 GPA in all courses required for the minor.

Up to 4 credits can count towards a major and the Outdoor Education & Leadership minor.

To obtain the minor, students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to requirements for the minor.

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • WCore requirements

Outdoor Education & Leadership Minor

Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Required Courses 10
HPW (300-level) Outdoor Skills Courses* (2)
HPW 305 Foundations of Outdoor & Experiential Education (3)
HPW 311 Trip Leader Training (2) HPW355/ENVI 300F
HPW 410 Seminar in Outdoor Education & Leadership (3) HPW 305
II.Electives 10
Take 10 credits from the following:
ANTH 477 Environmental Anthropology (3)
EDUC 205 Service Learning (2)
EDUC 313 Adult Learning Theory (3)
EDUC 315 Learning Theory (3) PSYC 105 or WCSBS 102 or WCSAM 101
HPW 160 Avalanche Awareness* (2)
HPW 200P Outdoor Rock Climbing* (1)
HPW 240 Indoor Rock Climbing* (1)
HPW 245 Advanced Rock Climbing* (1)
HPW 265 Ladies Only Indoor Climbing* (1)
HPW 300GG Ice Climbing Seminar* (2)
HPW 300HH Winter Camping* (2)
HPW 300P Wilderness Education* (4) HPW 355 or HPW 311
HPW 300R Intro to Fly Fishing* (1)
HPW 300S Intro to Whitewater Kayaking* (1)
HPW 300W Desert Writing (2)
HPW 335 Intro to Adventure Therapy (2)
HPW 340 Intro to Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding* (1)
HPW 355/ENVI 300F Outdoor Leadership (2)
HPW 356 Wilderness First Responder* (2)
MGMT 205 Leadership Development (2) co-requisites: PSYC 105 or INTR 100 or WCSBS 102 or WCSAM 101
MGMT 305 Principles of Management (4) MATH 141
MGMT 430 Nonprofit Organization (4)
Other Special Topics Courses** (2)
PHIL 206 Introduction to Ethics (3)
PHIL 307 Environmental Ethics (4) PHIL 102
PLSC 327 Environmental Politics & Policy (4)
PUBH 320 Environmental Health (4) PUBH 305

* HPW (300-level) Outdoor Skills Courses
Other skills-based certifications, courses, and training with the American Mountain Guide Association, National Outdoor Leadership School, University of Utah, or other organizations by approval. HPW 300P – Wilderness Education can count for up to 2 skills credits.

** Other Special Topics Courses as approved by the Program Advisor – up to 2 credits.

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