Teaching English as a Second Language Minor


This program leads to a state endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language  (TESL) at the early childhood, elementary, or secondary level. The program may be taken as an undergraduate minor.

Admission to the Program

Undergraduate students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (as outlined in the Education/Teacher Education Programs section of this catalog) prior to enrolling in any TESL course.

English as a Second Language Endorsement Program Requirements

(1) Admission to the Elementary, Special Education, or Secondary teacher preparation programs.
Completion of the following courses for endorsement.

Students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to the TESL Endorsement program:

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • WCore requirements
Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement (TESL) 18
TESL 320 English Learners, Family and Community (3)
TESL 321 Foundations of ESOL Instruction (3)
TESL 322 Language Acquisition and Development (3)
TESL 323 Instructional Methods for English Learners (3) TESL 321, 322
TESL 324 Content Area Instruction for English Learners (3) TESL 323
TESL 325 Assessment for English Learners  (3) TESL 323
II. World Language Requirement 4
All undergraduate students must complete four credit hours of a world language. See World Language Requirement for equivalencies, AP and CLEP credit policy.

Recommended Plan of Study

  *The program plan below is a sample plan for students wishing to complete an accelerated 3-year program.  Please contact the Undergraduate Program Director for a plan tailored to your specific needs and interests*

Fall Year 1 Spring Year 1 Summer Year 1
TESL 322 TESL 321
TESL 323
Fall Year 2 Spring Year 2 Summer Year 2
TESL 320 TESL 324
TESL 325
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