Undergraduate Business Core

Students in all business majors (with the exception of flight operations and some economics programs) complete a common undergraduate core designed to develop skills in all functional areas of business.

There are two components to the common undergraduate core: the lower-division requirements, and the upper-division requirements. Since many of the lower-division core requirements are prerequisites for upper-division core requirements, students should work to complete lower-division courses early in their programs. Upper-division core requirements should be taken when prerequisites are met. Prerequisites are noted in the table below.

I. Core Lower Division Courses 22
 ACCT 213 Financial Accounting (3) BUSI 101A and BUSI 101B; or BUSI 102*
 BUSI 101A Business Fundamentals I, Communicating (3)
 BUSI 101B Business Fundamentals I, Calculating (3) MATH 101 or MATH 105
 BUSI  200 Applied Business Math and Modeling (3) BUSI 101A and BUSI 101B; or BUSI 102*
 ECON 253 Elementary Macroeconomics (3) MATH 101 or MATH 105
 ECON 263 Elementary Microeconomics (3) MATH 101 or MATH 105
 Choose one of the following courses:
  • DATA 150 Data and Society (4)
  • DATA 220 Introduction to Statistics (4)
II. Core Upper Division Courses 26-28  
 ACCT 313 Managerial Accounting (3) ACCT 213
 BUSI 300 Information Technology (3) BUSI 200
 BUSI 350 Business Fundamentals II, Integrative Core (2) ACCT 313; BUSI 300, 325; DATA 150 or 220; ECON 263; FINC 300; MGMT 305, MGMT 309; MKTG 300.
 BUSI 440 Business Fundamentals III, Internship (2-4)
(Transfer students must complete a min. of 15 Westminster credit hours or obtain permission of instructor prior to completing an internship for credit.)
BUSI 350, junior or senior standing, and signed approval from the Practice/Exp Director.
 FINC 300 Business Finance (3) BUSI 200, ACCT 213
 MGMT 305 Principles of Management (4) BUSI 101A and BUSI 101B; or BUSI 102*
 MGMT 309 Operations Management (3) BUSI 200
 BUSI 325 Business Law and Ethics (3) BUSI 101A and BUSI 101B; or BUSI 102*
 MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing (3) BUSI 101A and BUSI 101B; or BUSI 102*

* BUSI 102, Business Fundamentals I for Transfer Students, is only an option for transfer students or student majoring in arts administration; all other students should take BUSI 101A/BUSI 101B.

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