Arts Administration


Kim Zarkin, Department Chair

Program Goals

  • Students will develop the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions to pursue careers in the for-profit or nonprofit arts world.
  • Students will develop familiarity with the visions, missions, values, and typical organizational structures of arts organizations.
  • Students will develop a solid understanding of the funding mechanisms that support nonprofit arts organizations.
  • Students will enhance their abilities to communicate orally and in writing, and demonstrate fluency in utilizing digital media.
  • Students will demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the power of the arts to create community.


The Arts Administration Program offers a major in Arts Administration leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The curriculum is designed to prepare a student for a productive career as a leader of an arts organization.

Program Requirements

Students who major in Arts Administration are required to have a minor in Art, Dance, Film Studies, Music, or Theatre. Students may also create a contract minor of 24 credits.

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA in courses required for the major. Prerequisite courses must be satisfied with a grade of C- or better.

Students must meet the college-wide graduation requirements in addition to completing course work for the Arts Administration major:

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • WCore requirements

Arts Administration Major

Requirement Description
Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. World Language Requirement 8
Arts Administration majors must complete eight credit hours in a single world language.
II. Required Business Courses 9
BUSI 102 Business Fundamentals I (3)
BUSI 225 Business Law and Ethics (3) BUSI 102
ACCT 213 Financial Accounting (3) BUSI 102
III. Required Communication Courses 24-28
COMM 210 Media Writing I (4)
COMM 310 Business and Professional Writing I (4) COMM 210
COMM  326 Intro to Web Writing and Design (4)
COMM  336 Public Relations Principles  (4)
COMM 380 Communication and Nonprofit Organizations (4)
COMM 440 Internship (2-6)
COMM 490 Portfolio Workshop (2)
IV. Electives  20
ACCT 313 Managerial Accounting (3) ACCT 213
COMM 250 Introduction to Human Communication (4)
COMM 311 Business and Professional Writing II (4) COMM 310
COMM 322 Multimedia Image Production (4)
COMM 338 Principles of Advertising (4)
COMM 345 Introduction to Video Production (4)
COMM 350 Organizational Communication (4) COMM 250
COMM 365 Intercultural and Global Communication (4)
COMM 370 Design Foundations (4)
COMM 371 Multimedia Tools and Production (4) COMM 370
COMM 372 Design and the User Experience (4) COMM 371
COMM 440 Internship (2-6)
MGMT 305 Principles of Management (4) BUSI 102
MGMT 310 The Entrepreneurial Mindset (2)
MGMT 311 Business Model Development (2)
MGMT 433 Organizational Behavior (4) MGMT 305
MGMT 460 Organizational Change and Advanced Management (4) MGMT 305
MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing (3) BUSI 102
V. Accompanying Minor Requirement 21-28
Arts Administration majors are required to complete a minor from the list below:


Recommended Plan of Study for Arts Administration Major

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Freshman Year BUSI 102 (3) for transfer students ACCT 213 (4)
COMM 210
Sophomore Year

COMM 326

COMM 310

Junior Year

BUSI 225
COMM 336

COMM 380

Senior Year

COMM 440

COMM 490

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