Human Performance and Wellness


Sheryl Steadman, Dean
Traci Siriprathane, Program Director

Human Performance and Wellness courses provide unique opportunities to challenge and maximize the potential of the human mind, body, and spirit. There are traditional activity courses and numerous classes that venture outdoors and take advantage of world-class recreational opportunities minutes from campus. The curriculum emphasizes experiential learning and optimal living through physical fitness, movement education, lifetime sports, outdoor recreation, and the promotion of holistic well-being. Students should be aware that many special topics courses are offered each semester.


Please refer to Human Performance and Wellness course descriptions for more information.

HPW 101 Basketball (1)
HPW 103 Strength Training (1)
HPW 110 First Aid/CPR/AED for Schools and Community (1)
HPW 152 Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding* (1)
HPW 156 Exploring Wasatch Mountain Paths** (2)
HPW 160 Level 1 Avalanche Awareness
HPW 170 Volleyball (1)
HPW 200 Special Topics in HPW (1–3)
HPW 215 Flexibility for Life and Sport (1)
HPW 220 Yoga for Wellness (2)
HPW 224 Yoga for Wellness, Level II* (2)
HPW 226 Beginning-Intermediate Ballet (2)
HPW 230 Beginning Dance and Movement (2)
HPW 235 Belly Dance Basics (1)
HPW 240 Indoor Climbing (1)
HPW 250 Fitness for Life (2)
HPW 260 Psychological Aspects of Well-Being (2)
HPW 270 Beginning SCUBA Diving (1)
HPW 300 Special Topics in HPW (1–3)
HPW 301 Lifeguard Certification* (2)
HPW 315 Meditation as Environmental Study* (2)
HPW 320 Pilates for Wellness (2)
HPW 325 Introduction to Athletic Training (3)
HPW 330 Personal Trainer Certification Exam Review* (2)
HPW 350 Nutrition for HPW*** (2)
HPW 370 Advanced SCUBA (1)
HPW 401 Directed Studies (1–4)
* Offered Spring semesters only.
**Offered Fall and Summer semesters only.
*** Offered Fall semesters only

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